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by its intense blackness, the red reflection of other Chim-
panzees not being visible; also by the bald head, whence of
course the name. The nostrils of this Ape, as of Johanna, were
somewhat expanded, and thus present a certain likeness to the
Gorilla. But there can be no suggestion that A. calvus is the
product of a union between the two African Anthropoids. As Is

FlQ. 278.—Young Orang-TJtan.    Simia Jtatyrus.    Zeitschrift fUr Mihnologie (Anthropolog*
GeseUschaft), Bd. viii,     (From Wiedersheim's Structure of Man.)
the case with Johanna, Sally was given and enjoyed animal food
on occasions. It Is a curious fact that both Sally and Johanna
appear to have been colour-blind.
The Orang Utan, genus Simla,, has but one definable species,
viz. /SL sadyrus. The supposed species of Owen, & morio, cannot
be satisfactorily defined. Plenty of other specific names have
also been given to what Is in all probability but a single species
of large Anthropoid Ape Inhabiting the islands of Borneo and